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I've attached the Draw for the Darts team Knockouts.  Quarter Final round Venues will be confirmed after the Preliminary Round next Friday.

Domino Team Knockouts Information:
Through to the semi finals are: 
Bulls Head (M) A
Bulls Head (M) B
Cock & Pullet
Miners Standard

If you have any problems, please let me know.




  1. Matches to be played on a standard board hung 5ft. 8ins. From the centre of the bull to the floor and the throw to be 7ft. 6ins along the floor to the oche.  Oche to be clearly marked and any mats securely fixed.  Raised oche optional and all boards to be checked by the Secretary.
  2. Teams to consist of 3 pairs commencing 701 and 6 singles commencing 501, with double start and finish.  One point awarded for each leg.
  3. Away team to have the starts and games to be played in sheet order wherever possible.
  4. Cup matches – Toss of coin for first start then alternate.  Marking is also alternate.  All matches to be played on dates stated by the league.
  5. Each venue must supply a new board at the start of every season.
  6. Each team to supply a marker, who will only give the number, required for the game and no informatory shots, but any team member can.
  7. Result of throw to be clearly shown giving the number obtained and required.  Marking board to be clearly visible from the oche and the result of each leg to be entered onto the score sheet.
  8. No darts to count unless the point is actually touching the board when the score is called.  Darts to be retrieved by the thrower after marker’s decision.
  9. Bust rule to apply, i.e. if a player scores too many, then the score will not count and the player will revert to their previous remaining score.
  10. Bull to count as 50, and if 50 is required for the game, then Bull shall count as double 25.
  11. Players must toe the oche line or stand behind it, and must not tread on it.
  12. Team captains to enter the doubles players’ names onto the score sheet.  This must then be folded over leaving just the darts singles games on show, so the opposing captain cannot see the oppositions playing order.  The singles player’s name cards must been placed face down, then be drawn out by the opposing captain and entered onto the sheet in the order they have been drawn.  Playing of un-registered player/s will result in the forfeit of the leg concerned, which will be given to their opponents.  If the un-registered player/s played at darts, 5pts. will be deducted from the team and likewise if the player/s played at dominoes, 3pts. deducted from the team.
  13. Final Scores to be phoned, text or emailed by the Saturday night following the game to the secretary. Also, the completed score sheet to be posted or emailed to the secretary by the Wednesday following the game.  Failure to comply with either of these will result in the loss of 5 pts. at darts and 3 pts. at dominoes for each rule.
  14. Team sheet MUST be fully completed by 9.00pm.  Late player/s not present at 10.00pm. - the captain can change the player/s name to another player/s present.
  15. All games to be played on Fridays.  Teams wishing to change must give their opponent’s 7 days notice and nothing less will be accepted.  Matches must be played before the fixture date.
  16. Complaints/protests must be sent to the secretary within 4 days of the incident.
  17. Any protest must be accompanied by £10 deposit which will be forfeited should the committee find the complaint to be frivolous.
  18. Teams to register players after the 5th match but before the 6th.
  19. No alteration to be made after the said time, without written authority of the committee.
  20. No player to register for more than one team in the league.
  21. If, for any reason, a team withdraws or is dismissed from the league, all points gained from that team will be deducted.
  22. Positions at the end of the season will be decided by firstly points, if any teams are level on points then the team who has won more games over the season will win  If the teams are still level after that, then there will be a play-off on a neutral board, to be decided by the committee.
  23. Deliberate falsification of score sheets will result in the offending team being dismissed from the league.
  24. Electronic marking boards may be used, but they have to show a minimum of the last 5 scores, any showing less is not accepted.
  25. Any dispute arising from the rules not being clear will be decided on by the committee and a ruling will be made to cover further eventualities.
  26. All changes to result sheets must be signed by both Captains.
  27. Knockout Cup matches only:  Only players that played in the ‘knockout cup’ will be eligible for a trophy.










  1. Rules as per standard 5’s and 3’s with the odd hole to be played for.  Odd hole cannot be taken off the drop.
  2. League matches to consist of 2 doubles and 4 singles, one straight leg up and down the marking board.  Cup matches to consist of 2 doubles and 3 singles.
  3. In the league, if a play-off is required, league games apply.  At the time of filling in the sheet, captains must propose and write on the reverse of the sheet, a pair to play a deciding game, should the result be a draw.
  4. A marker to be nominated before each leg.  Games must not marked by those involved in that leg.
  5. For knocking when able to go, 8 holes deducted.  If a player drops out of turn, the domino must be picked up, and the game continued with no reshuffle.  If a player plays a domino that will not go where intended, he/she can play it at the other end if it will go, with no penalty.  If a wrong domino has been played and not noticed, the game will continue with no penalty.  If a domino has been played that will not go at either end, and the game continues before it is noticed, the offending player will be deducted 8 holes.
  6. Darts rules 3, 4, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25 and 26 will also apply.
  7. After each hand, the remaining unplayed dominoes must be shown.  Game to be given to opponent if the rule is not followed.
  8. Two tables must be available to play at all times.




  1. Landlord’s fee, £25 per team, payable at the A.G.M when registering your team.
  2. Registrations £4 per season, per player.
  3. It is a ‘One Signing On’ League, once a player has signed on, they are available to play both Darts and Dominoes.
  4. Cancellations due to bad weather are at the discretion of the AWAY team.  The Away Team Captain must contact the Home Team Captain by 6.30pm on the day of the game.  The captain must then inform the secretary.  All cancelled games must be played within 4 weeks of the fixture date.  Disputes will be settled by the Committee, and must be adhered to.
  5. A team not attending matches, League or Knockouts, without informing the opposing Team by 6.30pm on the day of the game will be fined £25; the offending team will have 6 points at Darts and 4 points at Dominoes deducted immediately.  The game will have to be played within 4 weeks of the fixture date.  Failure to pay will result in the team being disallowed into the League for the following year.
  1. Home Team Cancellation – The fine will be at the discretion of the Committee
  2. Away Team Cancellation – The fine will be given to the Home Team Landlord, to reimburse towards costs occurred. 
  1. A player/s that is/are reported for using aggressive/offensive/threatening language or behaviour, either in person or online, will be brought before the committee.  If the report is found to be correct, the offending player/s will be, with immediate effect, banned from the League – Sine Die
  2. The committee will decide on the venue for the semi-finals/finals of the team knockouts.  If any team or teams do not attend the appointed venue/s, they will forfeit their place in the competition.
  3. No rule to be changed until the A.G.M.
  4. Each team must be represented at both darts and dominoes.  Failure to comply with this rule will mean that the ‘un-represented’ team will not be entered into the league.
  5. At the A.G.M. it is two votes per team, to be made by persons who have been named, in writing as the official representatives of that team on the representatives’ sheet, before the beginning of the A.G.M.  In the event of only one representative being available from a team then he/she may cast the two votes.
  6. To qualify for a league trophy/voucher, a player must play in a minimum of 4 league games.
  7. Winning teams or players must send a representative to Presentation night for the collection of trophies.  Failure to do so will result in a £50 fine.
  8. Trophies must be returned and cleaned, to the secretary at least 6 weeks prior to Presentation night.  Failure to comply will result in a £10 fine.
  9. No responsibility will be accepted by the League for any injury or damage caused or incurred during a season.
  10. A maximum of 9 Darts and 6 Domino trophies/vouchers are supplied by the League, if extra are required; they are to be paid for by the team/s concerned.