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Buxton & District Monday Night Winter League Darts & Dominoes


  1. Landlord’s fee, £40 per team, payable at the A.G.M when registering your team.
  2. Registrations £5 per season, per player to be paid on or before the third game of the season.
  3. It is a ‘One Signing On’ League, once a player has signed on, they are available to play both Darts and Dominoes.
  4. No player to register for more than one team in the league.
  5. Away team to have the starts and games to be played in sheet order wherever possible.
  6. When a team knows they will be short of players then the Opposition Captain can choose a substitute from the existing players on the match sheet. If the substitute leaves before playing the extra game that game is forfeit. Substitutes can be used twice before fixture turn-around, and twice after, in either darts or doms. Substitute rule can be used in team knockouts but not the Super-Cup, and the substitute game(s) will not count towards end of season knockouts.
  7. If an expected player is not at the venue by 10.30 p.m. then the game is forfeit.
  8. Players who cannot arrive until after 10.00 p.m. cannot play in doubles darts or the first darts singles games and cannot play in the first 3 positions in dominoes.
  9. Final Scores to be sent by WhatsApp, Messenger, email etc following the game to the secretary. The completed score sheet can be dropped off at the secretary’s house, Fairfield Club by Wednesdays, or the Vault on Monday nights. Teams who do not return missing sheets before the last game of the season will have 4 points deducted from both darts and dominoes.
  10. To avoid late finishes, games can be played in any order as and when players become available. Where possible start games by 8.30 p.m. games must be underway by 9.00p.m.
  11. Teams wishing to change or postpone a fixture must give the opposing team a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. Teams who do not give 24 hours’ notice will be fined £10 to cover the costs of food losses. Cancelling team captains are asked to call the pub and opposing team captain as soon as possible and inform the secretary. Contact sheets have been provided. Matches must be played before the last league game of the season.
  12. If a team withdraws from the league all points gained from that team will be deducted.
  13. When there are two divisions’ relegation and promotion are based on aggregate scores.
  14. Positions for darts and for dominoes at the end of the season will be decided by firstly points, if any teams are level on points then the team who has won more games over the season will win. If the teams are still level after that, then there will be a play-off at a neutral venue.
  15. In team knockouts use a toss of coin for first start then alternate. All matches to be played on designated dates.
  16. Only players that played in team knockouts will be eligible for a trophy.
  17. To qualify for a league trophy, a player must play in a minimum of 3 league games, either darts or dominoes.
  18. Trophies are to be cleaned and ready to be returned to the secretary by the collection date as informed by the secretary.
  19. Winning teams or players are requested to send a representative to Presentation night to collect trophies. No representation will result in trophies and cash prizes being withheld.
  20. If a pub closes, leading to the team folding, individual players can transfer to another team(s) and will retain 180’s etc.
  21. If a pub closes then the team can move to another pub/club and all results will remain the same.
  22. Any dispute arising from the rules not being clear will be decided on at the next AGM and a ruling will be made to cover repeat circumstances.
  23. No rule to be changed until the A.G.M. where changes will be voted on by all in attendance.
  24. No responsibility will be accepted by the League for any injury or damage caused or incurred during a season.


  1. Matches to be played on a standard board hung 5ft. 8ins. From the centre of the bull to the floor and the throw to be 7ft. 9 1/4ins along the floor to the oche. Oche to be clearly marked and any mats securely fixed. Raised oche optional.
  2. Games to consist of 2 pairs and 5 singles commencing 501 best of 3, single start and double finish. One point awarded for each match win.
  3. Each team to supply a marker, who will only give the result of the throw and the number remaining. Markers must not help players work out darts needed, for example, to finish the game, but team members can do this.
  4. Result of throw to be clearly shown giving the numbers obtained and required. Marking board to be clearly visible from the oche and the result of each match to be entered onto the score sheet.
  5. No darts will count towards the throw unless the point of the dart is actually touching the board when the score is called. Darts to be retrieved by the thrower after marker’s decision.
  6. Bust rule to apply, i.e. if a player scores too many, then the score will not count and the player will revert to their previous remaining score.
  7. Bull to count as 50, and if 50 is required for the game, then Bull shall count as double 25.
  8. Players must toe the oche line or stand behind it, and must not tread over it.
  9. Electronic marking boards may be used.


  1. Rules as per standard 5’s and 3’s with the odd (dead) hole to be played for. Odd hole cannot be taken off the drop.
  2. League matches to consist of 2 doubles and 5 singles, one straight leg up and down the marking board. Team knockout matches to consist of 2 doubles and 5 singles also.
  3. A marker is to be available before each game, markers can come from either team.
  4. If a player drops out of turn, the domino must be picked up, and the game continued with no reshuffle.
  5. If a wrong domino is played, that player goes back eight holes and the game continues. If there are not eight holes on the board the opposing player goes forward 8 holes: the game cannot be claimed.
  6. If a player plays a domino that will not go where intended, he/she can play it at the other end if it will go, with no penalty and if a covering domino has not already been dropped.
  7. For knocking when able to go, that player goes back eight holes and the game continues. If there are not eight holes on the board the opposing player goes forward 8 holes: the game cannot be claimed.
  8. All dominoes left in a players hand must be turned face up at the end of each hand to enable players and markers to check no mistakes have been made.
  9. Doubles Dominoes - Players who discuss dominoes they have or haven’t got during doubles can have eight holes deducted at the discretion of the opposing team and where possible the marker and an objective observer.


  1. Entry fees of £3 per person to be paid by deadline dates shown on fixtures. Players arriving after scratch out times will not be entered unless they have informed the secretary prior to the knockout.
  2. Any player in team and individual knockouts must have played in at least two league games beforehand or go on to play in two league games. Doubles will not count towards Most Wins knockouts.
  3. All finals including most wins, 180s, big wins, etc. will be played on finals night. The 180s final will consist of the last remaining five players from the 180s knockout competition.
  4. Individual players winning either a league or competition knockout can choose their prize (cash, trophy, plate, or pennant) to be awarded on presentation night. Please inform the secretary of your choice as soon as possible after winning.
  5. To qualify for the Challenge Cup players need to have played 3 times in the game they want to enter and won once.
  6. Teams who regularly fail to send players to knockouts will stop their venue being used to host knockouts.
  7. 180’s, big Wins, etc. on team knockout sheets will count towards the end of season knockouts.


For up to date tables and information please see www.buxtondartsanddoms.com

Any problems or questions please contact Simon Kitchen on 07971325963

Or email buxtondartsanddoms@outlook.com