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Tideswell & District Darts & Dominoes League


"Note tables are calculated on results received so if you are yet to send any results please can you do so a.s.a.p?    Teams will have been issued with sticky labels with the new address to send the white sheets to   or you can email me at  Hucklow.owl.1867@gmail.com.    I am not on whatsapp  but I am on FB  so you can connect with me and send by FB messenger if you wish.

I am trying to collate all the most wins,stars,180's etc etc  so please can you send in any missing sheets so you will be up to date?  Thanks   JH

Thank you everyone who attended the AGM and to The Anchor for hosting. Minutes are below but the main points are:

Earlier start times

The separation of darts & doms in the team knockouts

With the welcome, late addition of The Bull's Head A from Foolow there are now 15 teams and 1 bye this means that instead of the league finishing at the beginning of May as anticipated the league will now finish on June the 12th. In anticipation of any problems this may cause bowling teams and pubs that attract tourists the individual knockouts have now all been moved to the end of the season, the last league fixture is May 8th if anyone has any concerns please let the secretary know asap.

Captain contact details and updated rules will be sorted soon and pub packs will be dropped off asap.

Thank you and good luck for the new season.


Tideswell & District Darts & Dominoes League

AGM 2018

August 29th 2018 - The Anchor Inn – 8.30 p.m.


  • Attendees and Apologies

Apologies were received from: Nick (The Pack Horse)

Representatives were present from:

The Mighty Bull / The Wanted Inn / The Crispin B / The Anchor Inn / The Star A / The Star B / The Anglers Rest / The Pack Horse / The George Inn / The Queen Anne / The Red Lion / The Cobbles / Buxton Working Mens Club

  • Resignations & Appointments

Committee members remain the same. Wayne Simpson would like to resign as chair however no one would like to take on the role at the moment so Wayne is to remain as chair.

  • Treasurers Report

The Treasurers Report was accepted. The BACS is working well, Natalie has requested that people continue to enter collections separately where a pub has two teams, writing in date of collection and home team. E.g. Star A – 29/08/2018. And for all teams to enter separate accounts as separate entries, for example, player subs are not to be added to a collection.

To help Natalie further with the end of year accounts please enter the collection amount as written on the team score sheet, e.g. £12.98 instead of rounding the amount up or down.

  • Previous Minutes

  1. Separate out Most Wins Knockout and Presentation Night

Consensus that this worked well last year and to continue in the future. Also continue with the speed knockouts on presentation night.

  1. Change Format of Team Knockout

See main agenda minutes

  1. Amend Score Sheets

Crossing out / ignoring the score column is working well. Teams who want to keep score are continuing to do so. Discussion over whether to start basing the table on the score, e.g. 4-5, instead of the current win/draw/loose. This proposal was rejected on the basis that lower down teams would feel uninclined to continue if the gap between top and bottom is too large, and the 1 point between teams at the end of the season at the moment makes the end of season very exciting for the top and bottom teams.

  1. Cut off date for new signings

It was agreed to scrap this rule as it is causing problems for both teams where there are only a few players, and the change to Rule 6 caused confusion last year. The new cutoff date for signing on new players is now the last week in February.

  • Proposed Format & Rule Changes

1. Start Time – 8.30 p.m.

Some captains concerned that late finishes are hampering recruiting players who have to get up early. It was remarked that some players are not getting to venues until 10.30 p.m. and then being written in to play both singles and doubles darts, and dominoes.

There was discussion that teams will struggle to start games at 8.30 p.m. Primarily as venues are still serving food at that time and in some cases venues have to wait until the diners have left before playing. Discussion took place around how to speed up the nights once games could be started instead, including getting rid of the draw as this takes up time, however the majority decision was to keep the draw.

A compromise has been agreed on the following basis: the draw needs to be completed and sheets filled in at or by 8.45 p.m. To help this happen at least one player from each team needs to be at the venue in time to do this, and needs to have the list of players who are attending with them. It does not have to be the captain, and official ‘draw cards’ are not needed, names can be put on paper, which can then be cut up. Once drawn, games can be played in any order, and teams are asked to start games with the players who are in the venue and have drawn each other. Players who are not in the venue by 10.15 p.m. and have not phoned their captain to let them know they will be later than 10.15 can have their game forfeit at the discretion of the opposing player. Captains who know a player will not be available before 10.15p.m are asked, where possible, not to enter that player into every game.

Teams who can get games on at 8.30 p.m. were invited to let Claire know ASAP as this year fixtures will show which teams can start at 8.30 p.m. so teams can arrange to start early if they wish.

2. Team Knockout

It was agreed to separate out the darts and dominoes into two separate nights for the team knockouts. This way has been tried in the past and worked the best.

3. Doubles Darts Knockout

There was much discussion over whether to change the Doubles Darts Knockout into a Blind Pairs Knockout to encourage more entries. This was decided against by the majority, and instead a proposal to have a separate ‘Blind Pairs’ knockout was discussed, and whether to just continue with the blind pairs knockout on presentation night. Teams were asked to take this suggestion back to discuss with their darts players and let Claire know whether the team would like an extra date added to the fixtures for this.

4. Reserves Account.

Discussion took place around the reserves account and how best to use it.

A proposal was accepted to use it to provide each pub with a new dart board and a new set of dominoes (apx £50/pub)

It was agreed that a replacement trophy be bought for the Most Stars Darts Winner and current trophies be fixed or have new bases added where needed. There was also a discussion over whether to introduce League Runners Up trophies for darts and dominoes. Once the above has been costed or bought the accounts will be reviewed to see if there is enough left in the account to provide these and then teams will be asked to vote on whether they want 2nd place awards.

  • Any Other Proposals & Rules Changes

A proposal for captains to provide phone numbers for any late game changes was accepted. Please could all captains let Claire know their phone numbers (And email address) ASAP.

A proposal was accepted for all pubs who want a knockout to let Claire know ASAP and let Claire know whether they would prefer a darts or dominoes knockout. Once this information is gathered Captains will be invited to vote on where they want knockouts to be held.

  • Team Administration

Results Books – All in attendance took results books with them. If any more are needed please let Claire know.

Envelopes will be delivered with all fixtures this year and captains are asked to post white copies ASAP following the games. Captains are asked to continue to photo/scan sheets on the night so tables can be completed quickly but white copies are generally needed earlier than they have been being sent.

  • Team Registration & Start Date

The 2017/18 league start date is Wednesday September 12th.

14 teams have registered for 2018/19. These are:

The Anchor Inn A The Wanted Inn

The Anchor Inn B (name tbc) The Pack Horse

The Star Inn A The Red Lion

The Star Inn B The Crispin Inn

The Mighty Bull The George

The Anglers Rest The Cobbles

The Queen Anne Buxton Working Mens Club

Could all pubs ensure the signing on fee of £30 is paid by BACS before the September 6th, thank you.

Paying in Details


NO CASH will be accepted for ANYTHING. Every payment must go directly into the account and so please find below instructions for this season coming.


Bank: Natwest

Account Name: Tideswell and District Darts and Dominoes League

Sort Code: 60-01-33

Account No: 47391227


Team Subs of £30 to be paid directly in by 12th September 2017. narrative should read eg

Cobbles Team sub £30


Players Subs of £2 each to be paid in by 13th October 2017 narrative should read eg:

Cobbles players sub £36


Weekly collection: the home team are responsible to out subs in the account and it is up to the captain whether they or the landlord are responsible for this.

These subs must be paid in within 14 days of the game or the Pub itself will be charged a £5 late payment fee.  Each team weekly collection is to be paid in as a separate collection.  The narrative for collection: should read eg:

Star A Wk 1 £15.20

Star B Wk 2 £15.20

The committee understands this is a new way or collecting subs and collections.  If you have concerns about your team being able to carry out bank transfers, please talk to your landlord to see if they can do the bank transfers for you.  If your landlord is making the weekly collection transfer for you, please make a note on the results sheet and ask the landlord to sign the sheet as proof of collection.


Natalie Hall (Treasurer)

The Cobbles

3 Market Street


High Peak

SK23 0HH

T: 07739025895

E: The_cobbles@outlook.com