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This Friday (28/06/19) sees the end of season finale, it's presentation night @ the Working Men's Club!
It's been a long old season so there's lists of the winners below in case you need a reminder. 

"I've won nowt so I'm not coming" I hear you chirp as you stare at the floor and shuffle your feets.
But worry not, as captain of the darts league's perennial bridesmaids, I feel your pain.

This year we have local rock band FATE to help chase the blues away as well as cheap beer to (responsibly) drink ourselves to oblivion and a free buffet!
It all kicks off @8:30pm, everyone is welcome, so pick your lip off the floor, don your snazziest dancing shoes, dig out that drinking/scoffing head and get yourselves out. 
You know you want to you social butterfly you.   

Run out of score sheets? Download them here.